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Marguerite is a psychomotrician. She has been working for a few years with children and adults with disabilities. But for now she lives in Switzerland and she can’t practice as a psychomotrician in that beautiful country.

So she decided to work only as an illustrator for children's books during her stay in Switzerland.

Her brother Paul is an engineer. He lives in France. He often has crazy ideas, and likes to teach everybody how things work. He is one of the 10 biggest fans of his sister.

On Saturday the 14th of March, because of the evolution of Coronavirus crisis in Europe, Paul asked Marguerite to create a little comic in order to explain the situation to children.

He wrote the script, she made the illustrations and she posted it on social networks.

Coco the Virus instantly became a huge success because there are not a lot of other simple supports to explain Coronavirus to children.

Now they are continuing their stories to provide supports that would be able to help more and more parents to reduce the impact of this strange situation on the development of their children.

Thanks to Andrea, Safa, Larissa, Pauline, Davide, Tobias, Anne-Océane, Marina, Ioan, Joppe and Amira, Coco the Virus is now available in 8 langages !

This team is also completed by Kiki, Paul and Marguerite's little brother, who works on developing serious games and Catherine who makes videos of the stories for a Youtube channel.

You can support Marguerite in her work through her Tipeee account. You will also find one of her usual subject of illustration.


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Coronavirus illustré expliqué aux enfants.

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